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by Serpent Column

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Jordan Vauvert
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Jordan Vauvert Dans Invicta, Theophonos reprend une formule qu'il maîtrise bien : un black metal furieux s'inspirant de thèmes antiques grecs qui aura vite fait de perdre la personne inattentive. Mais en même temps, il sait comment changer cette formule — et il ne fait vraiment pas semblant — puisque cet album est en grande partie instrumental. Theophonos, en vrai virtuose, a l'audace de créer une ouverture de 14 minutes qui passe comme un ouragan. Comme quoi, le titre de l'album ne ment pas : il est invaincu. Favorite track: Asphodel.
spandAnanda thumbnail
spandAnanda This one is also dark and angry, but somehow seems like it could be an afterword to Endless Detainment, in that it is more melancholic and meditative.
Tim McLelland
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Tim McLelland Good, mostly instrumental Black Metal. Really like the guitar tone, almost Piggy-like. Favorite track: Decursio.
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Asphodel 14:14
Now Helios is come to our mountain. Noon is eternal. It scorches the garden Belted By aster Clouds over Pisa Thule Eden The steppe Strewn With fawn And asphodel. A glaive Rising against heaven Helios smiling Radiant and cruel. Our oubliette Or farce Sputtering along As nebulae Unfurl. Noon is eternal. Golden face Prism wing Lashed by fires Wail δακρύων. γέα Mother Are there sparrows in the forest? Will it burst into flower Or flame? Frost scars the cattails Black wing Red areolae Sing δακρύων. A golden eye Parting the clouds Ten thousand Iridescent Tumbling in helix Steps descending To a bed of coals. Helios, Your million fingers, They are like fire, Like daggers In viscera None can hide Neither vore Nor mollusk Black wing Or red Not the meridians, crumbling Nor the rivers, reeling When all shall sing This land was of Dione And under her planet The mountain and shut garden Here rested δακρύων.
Decursio 07:19
"Its mere existence, the mere fact of its having endured - even in the middle of a secret desert - pollutes the past and the future and somehow compromises the stars..." Radial upon axial Cardo et decumanus The hulking corpse of a bull Pullulating with teeth And fingers Protruding From the furrows of Pytho The silence of a desert Nameless and infinite Like each fragment Pillaged Hoarded Enslaved To the unfathomable caprice Prying open the maws Of each and every world All meridians Horizons Temples Hemorrhaging Ruined, And splayed Their inmost innards Offered Yoked Tessellated Or tossed to the dogs By a tyranny Or a mastery Infinitely refracted Tireless and vital Neither dancer, Nor augur Its many phalli And orfices Dripping with the ichor Of inexhaustible vitality.
Aedis Invia 09:00
"From the wreckage... ego scriptor..." Urbibus et orbibus Only the eyes can trace This dissolution The retraction of each center Each clot Bloated and necrotic Now receding In the glare. There stands The sway Of each blade of grass The curvatures Of each fiber Electricity Skittering across the prism Of each surface. And even the ants seem to stagger As noon casts its shadow Upon this dance of photons Destinies Histories And genius, Descending in tongues of fire, Glittering in the trail of a comet Upwelling from the tessellation, Inward yet remote, That backlight From whence all protrude, Stand and are seized Hewn into stone The splaying of pigments Drifting, for a time, On the backs of winged words Only to pass away Submerged, and lost Yet again shall prevail In the heart of a tyrant The tears of a mother Or the laughter of a child Surpassing all things Giving shape to all things, Until the stars are no more.




The second recording from Serpent Column is as elegant as it is challenging, combining passages that would seem at odds with each other with absolute ease.

Written and produced April 2017 to June 2018 between Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


released December 26, 2018


all rights reserved



Serpent Column

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